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2024 Electric Skateboard Comparison: Choosing the Right Ride

2024 Electric Skateboard Comparison: Choosing the Right Ride

Selecting the perfect board can be overwhelming with the variety in style, speed, power, range, and wheel options. Don't worry; we're here to simplify the decision-making process for you!

Understanding Your Needs

Before diving into the lineup, take a moment to consider your needs. Where do you plan to ride? Are you sticking to the streets or exploring off-road trails? Think about the distance you need to cover and your preferred speed. Your weight, material preferences, and desired range all play a crucial role. Let's break it down step by step!

Exploring the Lineup

Stoke and Onirique: Short and Sweet

If you're eyeing a short board, the Stoke and Onirique are your go-to options. Both cater to street wheels, providing a smooth ride. The Stoke boasts a flight-friendly battery, perfect for short commutes, while the Onirique, designed by Loaded Longboards, offers a performance-focused experience with increased range.

GTR and Hadean Series: Versatility at Its Best

The GTR and Hadean Series offer Bamboo and Carbon deck options, suitable for street, all-terrain, or a 2-in-1 setup. Your choice between Bamboo and Carbon boils down to personal preference. Bamboo offers a traditional longboard feel, while Carbon provides stability and is ideal for high speeds and rough terrain.

Wheel Choices: Street, All Terrain, or 2 in 1

Choose between street wheels for smooth rides with little resistance or all-terrain wheels for off-road adventures. The 2-in-1 option allows you to swap between both. With over 100 wheel and gear combinations, customization is key to enhancing your riding experience.

GTR: Bestselling Performance

The GTR stands out as the bestseller, balancing price and performance. With options for speed, range, and power, it's a versatile full-sized longboard suitable for various terrains. The choice between Bamboo and Carbon comes down to personal preference and budget.

Hadean: Big Brother with Extra Power

The Hadean board is the GTR on steroids, offering more power, speed, and range. Ideal for those seeking top-tier performance, it's wider and longer, ensuring stability even in challenging terrains. With inbuilt lights and additional features, the Hadean is the pinnacle of versatility.

Renegade: Conquer Tough Terrains

The Renegade board is designed for off-road adventures, featuring a unique sprung channel truck for stability. With a flexible carbon deck, adjustable bindings, and built-in lights, it's the ultimate choice for tackling rough terrains.


We hope this breakdown helps you find the best electric skateboard for your needs. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments. Thanks for tuning in, and happy riding!

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