Want to buy an electric skateboard in 2023?

Want to buy an electric skateboard in 2023?

When Evolve Skateboards started, the electric skateboard industry was extremely small. In recent years, the scene has exploded as technology has progressed and has become more accessible. With so many board options out there, we often get asked, "What do I need to know before buying an electric skateboard" and "Why Evolve". To help you in this mission, we outlined 5 essential questions that you need to ask yourself before choosing which board is for you. 

1.What will you be using the electric skateboard for?


💭Electric Skateboard for Commuting

💭Getting around on the weekends?

💭All of the above?

2.What is the range of the electric skateboards that you are looking for?

💭Can you comfortably get there and back without worrying about mileage? 

3.What is customer support like if ever there is an issue?

💭How long is the warranty?

4.What is the weight of the electric skateboard?

💭If you run out of juice, are you going to be able to carry or kick push it home? 

5.What are you getting for your money?

💭 Who has made/assembled the board?

💭 Is it off-the-shelf from China where cost is the bottom line, or has it been made by someone who is an e-board rider and passionate about performance? 

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Why Evolve?

⚡ At Evolve, we focus on power, performance and quality. We've been developing our technology for over a decade. The Evolve GTR Series is the product of all our innovation and stands as the benchmark for all boards in the scene. If you are looking for more, the Evolve Hadean Series is the one to go as it is the most advanced electric skateboard in the market. 

⚡We're working with the best suppliers, and build all our components from the ground up, and not just slap off-the-shelf products together. 

⚡Our quality control process is refined, and we take all measures possible to ensure you're receiving a premium board. Specs-wise, we are the ultimate everyday cruiser with a range of up to 50 km and quickly hitting spades above 40 km per hour.

⚡Evolve has 15 support centres around the world servicing over 40 countries. No other electric board has a service network like us. You can contact us in-store, via email, on live chats, by phone, or through social media. On top of that, we have a YouTube channel full of how-tos, fortnightly video updates, and a huge hub of writers on social media that will make you feel at home.

⚡We pride ourselves on the community that has grown around Evolve over the years. Once you get a board, you can jump online, and it's like an instant family. 

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