Unlocking the Potential: Delving into Electric Skateboard Specs

Unlocking the Potential: Delving into Electric Skateboard Specs

Are Electric Skateboards Allowed on Airplanes?

Taking your electric skateboard on a plane can be an exhilarating idea, but there are some crucial specs to consider before you board. Most airlines stipulate that you can travel with a lithium-ion battery ranging from 100 to 160 watt-hours (wh). Unfortunately, our Standard Battery exceeds this range, making it a no-go for air travel. However, the Travel Battery is your ticket to riding the skies, but it requires prior airline approval.

To ensure a smooth journey, follow these steps:

  • Verify your airline's policy on lithium-ion batteries before booking your flight and inform them during check-in or in advance about your spare batteries.
  • Disassemble the Travel Battery from your skateboard and stow it in your carry-on luggage. Some airlines may require you to cover the exposed plugs with tape (remember not to bring the tape roll on board).
  • Pack the rest of your electric skateboard securely in your checked luggage. (Pro tip: Keep the original box handy if you lack a suitable bag.)
  • All the technical information you need for travelling can be found on the battery itself. Remember, you can carry a maximum of two Travel Batteries per person.

Street Wheels vs. All-Terrain Tyres: Which Offers Better Grip?

When it comes to grip, it's a battle of materials. Street wheels, made from hard urethane, won't match the traction of all-terrain tires on the pavement. However, there are strategies to bridge this gap. Consider opting for larger street wheels with an extended contact patch for improved performance. Alternatively, explore rubber compound wheels with a solid design.


Maximising the Lifespan of All-Terrain Tyres

Prolonging the life of your all-terrain tires begins with your tire choice. Opt for the standard black all-terrain tire, which lacks a knobby tread but offers durability and longevity. Additionally, monitor your tire pressures, terrain, and riding style. Aggressive carving and drifting can cause gradual wear, so rotate your tires regularly, both front to back and side to side, to ensure even wear. The black colour of these tires is a result of an additive called 'black carbon,' which enhances durability without altering tire hardness. Coloured tires, while lacking black carbon, provide a grippier and softer ride, ideal for cruiser riders and beginners.


Winter Riding: How Does Subzero Temperature Affect Performance?

Riding your electric skateboard in subzero temperatures is possible, but don't expect peak performance. Cold weather impacts all batteries, and lithium batteries are particularly sensitive. In subzero conditions, anticipate up to a 40% decrease in performance and power output. Plan accordingly for a different riding experience in winter weather.


Dealing with Scratches on Carbon Fiber Boards

Scratches on your carbon fibre board's surface require attention based on their depth. Superficial scratches can often be buffed out or touched up with clear nail polish. Deeper scratches may necessitate epoxy application to provide a protective clear coat. Proper care and maintenance can help preserve the board's appearance and structural integrity.


Fine-Tuning Your Electric Skateboard

Adjusting Trucks Truck adjustment is a personal preference, but balance is key. Aim for trucks that are tight enough to allow tight turns without making the board feel unstable. We recommend exposing at least two full threads on the kingpin as a starting point. If you find yourself over tightening standard bushings to achieve your desired feel, consider switching to stiffer bushings to avoid over-cranking and allow the urethane to perform optimally.


The Role of Pivot Cups in Electric Skateboards

Pivot cups are essential components in your skateboard's trucks. They facilitate responsive and lively rides while operating quietly due to their self-lubricating nature. If you need to replace them, use a screwdriver to pry out the old ones and insert new ones. Keeping pivot cups clean is crucial, as it reduces noise and ensures smooth performance. Cleaning them with a Q-tip or cotton wool and applying a bit of lubrication will keep your ride's ninja quiet.


How Often Should You Change Bearings?

The frequency of bearing replacement depends on usage and maintenance. Regularly check your bearings' condition by applying pressure to the centre and spinning them. If they feel rough instead of smoothly spinning, it's time to replace them. Servicing your skateboard bearings, including cleaning and lubricating, can extend their lifespan. Some riders have even achieved 10,000km of use with proper maintenance.


Maintaining Your Evolve Board

Keeping your Evolve board in top shape is a matter of preference and care. For quick cleaning, use grip gum or sandpaper cleaner on the grip tape and a spray cleaner on the underside of the deck. This will remove dirt and debris efficiently. For more in-depth maintenance tips and tutorials, explore our extensive library of instructional videos on our main YouTube channel.

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